Sloshing hiking through the cool river in 104F temperature at Zion national park, Utah, America (The Narrows)

IMG_4668The narrows is the most popular hiking trail in Zion national park, Utah. You will walk though the cool river in extreme hot weather.

☆ The middle of June☆

☆ Tempurater in Zion: 38℃, 100F

☆ Wether: Sunny

☆ HOT, HOT, HOT and dryyy!!! The wind is heated air…..

IMG_4497I came Zion National Park at Utah, America.

For what?

Of course, for hiking^^

IMG_4499It’s still the middle of June. But it is extremely hot already.

How can I survive here?

Well… The Narrows hiking is the good idea!! It is ONLY summer season!!

Once you park, all visitors have to use the shuttle bus in Zion.

***Unfortunately, the parking spot in Zion is not big enough. Be here by 9am. Otherwise you will spend a lot of time to find the just parking spot…

OR stay the hotel in Springdale and use the Springdale shuttle bus to go to Zion (Visitor Center).***

Get off shuttle bus stop #9 (Temple of Sinawava)

After around 20 min walk from the bus stop, you can start the adventure hike!

This is the place to start!

IMG_4622Many kids in Summer time

IMG_4627All pictures in this article are taken by iPhone5and6.IMG_4638

This trail is very narrow and both sides of the trail are cliff.

You have to see the sky to check the weather sometimes!!

***If the rain starts, EXPECT to experience FLASH FLOODING!! You have no way out!!!***IMG_4646

Looks so much fun.

You feel very cool but don’t forget to put the sun cream and please hydrate!!IMG_4648When you walk 20, 30 min,

IMG_3449the view become deep.


The picture is better if you take it on a sunny day.

IMG_4661Around noon is the best. No shade in the picture.
IMG_4664I decided to go back, because I really want to go to the restroom. (* ̄0 ̄)/ !!

No restroom in this trail. The closest restroom is next to bus stop.

Next coming view is probably next time:)

To be continued…

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